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I know this class is hard to grade off of because we didn’t have many fixed assignments and most of our interaction was in blog form but i know i was at every class and paid attention ( For the most part hahah).  The thing that kind of sucks for me is that i always thought about topics to blog about and had everything planned out but never blogged. I don’t know why it was so hard for me to sit down and just do it.  I know it affects my grade by not doing the blogs but i did everything that was “assigned” such as mailchimp, canva, etc. I did have a problem with my blog at one point where i lost my theme and subscription out of nowhere. I know the subscription was working because i got notifications that people subscribed but then you emailed me saying something was broken.  So overall i know i didn’t blog much but i was present at all the classes and i did the outside of class assignments. I’m not going to say i earned an A because honestly i don’t think i did but i do think i earned a low “ish” B. Just an FYI my favorite pint glass i drink out of has the Rogue Broadband logo on it if that gets me some extra credit hahahaha.

Class Evaluation

I know Jim doesn’t get evaluated because Joan is “technically”  the professor but i figured that i would post and evaluation on how awesome of a teacher Jim was/is. This class should be offered at least once a year and taught only by Jim. This was one of the most effective classes I’ve taken at SOU and i wish there where more like it. I loved how personal the class was and not from the book.  The only downsides i can possibly think of are that this class needs two parts over 2 terms to comfortably get   all the information across to us and not to be on a Friday early as heck! Overall i would max out Jims evaluation scores because he was easy to communicate with, Helped push ourselves, and was just a strait up awesome person.  So if you are reading this Jim a appreciate everything you did for me and the class.


When the Britt was brought up in class as a nonprofit to help I had to disagree. I completely understand that they don’t have a young audience and what the presenting group said as far as what could be done to help that was spot on. The way I see it is, why would I discount tickets to get students in when I can sell tickets at full price and still sell out. The Britt has a capacity issue not at attendance issue.  If Britt wanted to change their view in the public’s eye by attracting a younger audience, they could offer discount tickets or do what they have been doing in the last couple years and bring in artist that will attract a younger crowd. If I was Britt I wouldn’t change anything other than maybe finding a larger venue. With a larger venue you bring more people. With more people, you can lower prices.

Expo Country Music Festival

Just to start off I’m not a huge fan of country music but I have been to cape Blanco and a majority of my friends are country fans. Now I’ve talked to some people who have also heard about the possibility of a country music festival coming to the Expo and I’ve gotten mixed feedback. Most of my friends don’t like the idea because they want to travel and camp while at the festival. Because my friends and I live in Central Point, we feel like half the fun is hanging out at your campsite either between concerts or after. Some of my friends said that they think it will be compared to the Willamette festival and that the parking lot camping would be the deal breaker.  I love the idea of a country music festival in Southern Oregon I just think that the expo is the wrong spot to have it.  If I was to put myself in BiMarts position, I wouldn’t try and replace Cape Blanco because of its turnout. I attended the festival last year and I was in shock of how many people where there. There is no way the expo would be able to handle that many people. So unless BiMart was having issues with the people who own the land at Cape Blanco, I don’t see it getting replaced anytime soon. The only place in Southern Oregon I could see a large festival like this succeed would be up in the Ruch/Applegate area. There is enough land to have camping and put up a large stage, while still being close enough to Medford for people to stay at home and attend.

It’s to get that job title and use it for later

I think future proofing Oregon is a much needed thing but why am i just finding out about it? This needs to be taught and brought up to young adults before they are about to graduate college. while going through school, i was always told when i get out to head north to find work because there is nothing here. Even my parents have told me this. My mother is a highly sought after worker by most of the valleys large companies and even all along the west coast. I think the reason she has told me to head north is because just the plain fact that there are more high paying jobs in Portland compared to in the valley. She has pretty much maxed out what her pay is going to get in the valley but had she wanted to move, many companies have offered much more. I know the valley has a lot of job opportunities but we are stuck with a few large companies vs Portland who has many. I kind of did an interview with my mom about this topic and she gave me reasons behind what she’s said. She told me when she use to work for Musicians Friends and they moved down to California she didn’t want to move down but she only had a like a couple options in the valley for jobs, most of which had pay cuts. She ended up back at Harry and David and since then has survived a bunch of lay offs. She told me that a lot of the new people are young adults that have either interned or had small positions at larger company’s up north such as Nike or Adidas. When company’s do hiring down here they see that those people have “work experience” at a large fortune company and automatically think they are the holy grail of workers even when they haven’t done anything.  So what i think is going on is that when you have “work experience” for a large company, you get looked at as being a better worker than someone that has only worked for smaller companies even though you may be 10x the worker. The way I see things is that by working up north you are helping yourself secure a job later on when you want to move either back to the Rogue Valley or wherever back home is. It’s to get that job title and use it for later. While doing a little research i came across the site below and i think it gives a little reason as to why people think this way. I’m all for staying in the Valley and keeping jobs local but until we get more large companies down here i think people will always look north for jobs. I’m really staring to like this whole blog thing and i think it is helping voice my opinion and show the real me.

Fortune 1000 Companies By State for the Year 2000


Customer Service

Customer service is key in any business. While reading an article about 6 tips for providing better customer service I couldn’t help but think that these should be no brainer tips. If you are running a business and you didn’t know any of these tips, you should have done a lot more homework before staring your business. While working retail, I’ve learned how important customer service is and yet companies still have very poor customer service. It’s not hard to provide and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. More businesses need to focus on making better customer experiences. When I deal with a business as a customer I want honest service, someone that knows what they are selling, and hassle free experience.

Online Sales Checklist

Alright so today’s blog is about How to Make Money Online: The Basics.  This article was pretty basic but very important information.  The article was broken down into five sections: Spend time getting feedback on what you’re selling before launching, have a website, know your competition and customers, create an action plan for sales and marketing, and do as much yourself as you can. I think all but the have a website section are things that should be covered before even staring a business.  My favorite section was to do as much yourself as you can. I think this is very important because it’s going to keep cost down and allow you to personalize your brand to your liking. At the very end of the article there is a quote that reads “Hone in on where your strengths are and double down.”  More businesses need to do this instead of trying to chase trends or follow other companies. Do what you do best and excel at it.

Making Money From a Website

So after reading an article on 14 ways to actually make money from a website, I realized that each way had very similar pros and cons. Personally I wasn’t a fan of any of the ways because when I visit a website I don’t go there to look at ads or get asked to sign up for things. As a site owner I could understand wanting to make money off my site, but you can’t overload your site with crap and forget why your site is there in the first place. A lot of the cons listed either had to do with time or money. My favorite quote from the article was “If something doesn’t work, try something else. Don’t just give up. The main reason people fail with blogging, isn’t because their idea or website is bad but because they give up too soon.” I feel like this works in every sense not just making money from a website.

14 Ways To Actually Make Money From a Website!


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